Positivity Jars

Positivity is great, but we get it, sometimes, it is WAY easier said than done! Everyone has bad days, and chronic illness can make those worse (or even cause them). So how do you find the bright side when you’ve found yourself in the middle of a storm?

Positivity Jars!
This is a super cute idea that sounds easy in execution, but really gets those positivity muscles working.

All you’ll need is:

  • A jar (a journal/calendar work as well)
  • Paper (for the jar route)
  • Fun pens, stickers, anything you want to spice it up with

What you’ll do is put one positive thing that happened to you in your jar every day. It’s really that simple. If you don’t like the idea of a jar you can use a notebook or planner to write down something good every day. The point is to allow yourself a few moments each day to reflect on one good thing that happened to you.

This can get hard on those bad days, you might think to yourself “well, nothing good has happened so I won’t write anything” but avoid that at all costs! You can put down anything you want, if someone you love made you feel special or even if you ate your favorite chocolate that day. Nothing is ever too small to be a positive moment.

Be kind with yourself, it is not always possible to be positive at every point of life.

Hopefully, after awhile you’ll be able to look back on your positive moments and smile on those bad days.


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