The Mission

You’ll hear it said all over just about every page here, we are all about positivity and inspiration in the face of chronic health conditions. Here you will find a variety of tools, resources, DIY fun things, odds & ends, as well as some current events within the community. To make things easier, we have a few categories you’ll find our posts sorted into.

Create– for crafts, recipes, and anything else you can make/do

Inspire– uplifting pieces aimed at boosting happiness and setting the mood for great things

Learn– resources, tools, definitions, hot button issues, there’s never something to stop learning

Live– daily life comes with hassles, but also with amazing things we’ll discuss here

Some of these categories go hand-in-hand pretty seamlessly, so don’t be surprised if you find a post that falls under two categories. For example Learn & Create are very cohesive, so posts that teach a project may also fall under learn. So, now, go forth and explore!



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